About Asnath

I am a dedicated professional ready to do whatever it takes to make an impact on your life!

Asnath Mojapelo

Educational Psychologist

I am Asnath Mojapelo. I qualified as an Educational Psychologist after completing my Master’s Degree at Wits in 2004. I am passionate with helping people especially children who are struggling academically, emotionally and psychologically, so they can regain their self-esteem and a sense of self-worth, and live again.
My qualifications as a teacher and a Remedial Therapist also stand me in good stead in the type of work I do.

Basic Purpose

We aim to provision a viable, outstanding and innovative educational psychology service to children, adolescents, youth and couples, so as to ensure appropriate placements, adequate mental health and confidence-building, guided by changing times.

As psychologists, we play a role in educating the public about the need for counselling, especially for Africans, as indeed, this is a service that our people (the Africans), are not necessarily used to. Most men culturally suppress their emotionally problems, saying ‘a man is a sheep, when troubled they should cry inwardly’ otherwise they will be called ‘sissy’.